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Complete a situation analysis and SWOT of an origination

KidSport Canada

Find the target market and competitors and economic trend of an orgnization

You are a sales person who would like to sell the benefits of sponsoring or donating to one the many annual Kidsport Victoria BC events.

Complete a situation analysis and SWOT of an origination that is located in Victoria BC using a minimum of five secondary sources incorporated into the paper.

The organization website is: www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/greater-victoria/

Q1. Traget market for:

The organization and its annual events, who would want to support them? use demographic and psychographics to write out three target market (business industries).

Q2. Competitive environments:

a. Identify at least three other events that are taking place LOCALLY (Victoria BC) that would prevent a business from sponsoring kidsport Victoria event or idea, what are the strength and weaknesses to each of this events and how do these events promote themselves.

b. Identify three other events that are taking place (Outside of greater Victoria BC). Describe these events in terms of strengths and weaknesses, how do these events promotes themselves.

(Draw a perceptual positioning map, indicate direct and indirect competition)

Q3. Economic trends.

a. Describe current economics conditions in Victoria and in the non-profit sector.

b. What economics factor play into the economy that would enhance or inhibit corporate sponsorship or donation to non-profit sponsorship or donation to a student team sales project linked to Kidsport.


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