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What is the problem that the research is attempting to address?

The Concern and Surveillance of Personal Privacy in Social Media

Follow the topic and read five articles which i have attached, writing an essay

My topic is : The concern and surveillance of personal privacy in social media

Requirements: It should include a short introduction that identifies how the articles are related to the overall topic. Following the introduction, analyse and discuss the chosen articles paying careful attention to the following:

  • 1. What methodologies are identified in the articles? How are they similar or what are the differences between methodologies identified in each of the articles?
  • 2. What is the problem that the research is attempting to address (some examples of problems you may encounter are: How audiences respond to texts? How producers manage industry and commercial influences on their practices? How do texts create meaning for a general or for a particular audience?).
  • 3. How is previous research positioned in the articles? Do the authors draw from seminal texts in the field? Do they develop a counter argument to other researchers identified in the article.
  • 4.In general, what conclusions are drawn in the articles with regards to the topic? Are there consistent points or divergences? What are the implications for how you might consider the topic in the future (ie what did you learn from the readings)?

The main focus of this task should be for me to compare and contrast the articles I have chosen(I will attach articles which I have chosen) around my topic in that four aspects.

Tips: You do not need to find other articles, just use these five articles is fine. You do not need to use too complex sentences and difficult words to write this essay.

5 Attachments

Inerpersonal_surveillance_on_social_media Why_we_share Prior_negative_experience_of_online… Issdues_of_privacy_and_surveillance_in… Exploring_the_relationship_between_privacy…


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