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Identify an emerging educational technology or digital tool

Educational Technologies

Assignment 1:Final Project Lesson Plan1.5PAGES

The situation is that you have been awarded the grant that you applied for. The grantors are visiting your site and want to see how you are using the technology you have purchased through the grant funds.

The lesson plan should describe a one day lesson. Make sure you include details so that a person who has never seen it before can use it to teach the lesson.

Assignment 2: 5pages

Identify an emerging educational technology or digital tool that has not been shared in class. Write a 5 page paper with details on the technology or digital tool, its application for teaching and learning. Provide scholarly research to support your findings as well as a personal reflection.

assignment #3- 2PAGES

For your final reflection share what your reason was for taking this course, what your expectations were and how it met or did not meet your needs and expectations. In your reflection, share information from the readings and discussions in the class.

Create some kind of an online visual to represent your learning. E.g. Prezi, Google Slides, Canva, Voki, Piktochart or any other digital tool. This is the time to be creative.

Previous assignments 123 have ben attached in word document.

the digital tools that have been shared in class?

Group 1Popplet
Group 2Canva (not Canvas)
Group 3Padlet
Group 4Powtoons
Group 5Nearpod
Group 6Animoto
Group 7PearDeck
Group 8EdPuzzle
Group 9Adobe Spark
Group 10Coggle



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