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Prepare for a visit to the funeral home by researching online the place you plan to visit.

Tour a funeral home

is to tour a funeral home and write about it.  Prepare for a visit to the funeral home by researching online the place you plan to visit.  Review the website and note what and how they present their services.  You can compare what you read online to your later actual observation.  Read chapter 8 in the text, “Last Rites:  Funerals and body disposition.”  Read the articles in Unit V; Funerals.  We will view in class the On Demand film, “Undertaking.”

Some topics to consider when outlining your paper:  client interview, cost, what products are offered, service at funeral home or place of worship, cremation, burial or other, appearance of funeral home inside and out, who and how collect the body, how prepare the body, reception for a meal/food after service, and the general ‘work’ involved in a funeral from the perspective of the operators.

Write a paper based on the experience of touring the funeral home.  When you begin to write, keep in mind that your experience is informed by the knowledge you gained in your readings and research.  Your writing will reflect your knowledge of the funeral business and services as well as your first person observation.  Your paper willl demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.  No need to use quotes or citations.  Write as if you are speaking in class.  Your written paper, however, should be organized and proof read before submitting.

VALUE:  100 points.  Paper will be three pages, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 font.  Name in left upper corner, no title page.


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