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What impact does HIPAA and privacy have on this process of health research?

Healthcare Informatics in Research Studies

20 slide powerpoint research project

Final Project – Health Care Informatics in Research Studies PowerPoint Assignment
You are the Health Information Systems (HIS) director at your facility and you get a visit from a physician at a local hospital who often works with your facility on a variety of research projects. He informs you that a new research project has been developed between the two institutions and that you have been placed in charge of all HIS needs. The research that is being completed is a therapeutic drug trial. The researchers will come from the physician’s facility, while the patients will come from yours. (Go to https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/about-studies/learn and learn more about Drug Trials) Although you are not an active researcher, there are many ways that you can be a valuable part of the research team. The physician tells you that the research team consists of several Internal Medicine Residents and recent RN graduates that will require training in data collection, data quality, forms design, databases, data analysis, statistics, ethics, informed consent, privacy and security in order to help ensure integrity of the research and protection of patients.

You are to develop a 20 slide presentation that will be given to the entire research team that targets the areas below.

As you are developing your PPT start with an overall goal for the presentation and relevant objectives.

  • The goal will include what is the purpose of your presentation, while the objectives are what you want your audience to know when the presentation is complete.
  • When developing your objectives, think about what your audience must know when you have completed this presentation; what do you want them to walk away with?
  • You must consider the requirements of the physician researcher as you are developing your objectives.

Be sure that you include in-text citations where appropriate and a title slide as well as a references slide(s).

*****The title slide and references slide do not count your required 20 slides.

You must include at minimum ****four peer-reviewed references in your final presentation; only one of the required references may be from a government sponsored website.

Remember to use your notes section – this is key to the development of your presentation! Consider using a few images to help keep the attention of your audience.

1) Explain the role that the HIS department can play in research studies and specifically how your department can assist in this study. What impact could your HIS department have on this research team?
2) What impact does HIPAA and privacy have on this process of health research? What health and personal information about your patients are you allowed to release for the purpose of research?
3) Review various HIS equipment (i.e., computers, scanners, etc.) and how the research team can make the best use of this technology during their research.
4) What other services can your HIS department offer this research team?
5) Develop a flow chart ( ATTACHED PHOTO) text that describes the process for data collection during this study. Make sure that you do not copy this chart, rather, create a new chart specific for your group.
6) Explain the difference between the role Health Information Systems will play in research as compared to administration, practice, and educational settings.

Required Textbooks:

  1. Balgrosky, J. (2011). Essentials of health information systems and technology. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 9781284036114


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