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Business decisions in organizations.

Decision making on corporate level

Based on examples from one of the recommended articles selected by you, the lecture notes, the text, and other sources, discuss one or several of the themes: strategic decision making in organizations, strategic decision success in organizations, evaluation of strategic decisions – the VRIO framework, management cycles and business decisions in organizations.

Plz choose one of the following article, read it and write a discussion, need 350 cuz

Weeks 4 (select and review ONE of the following articles):

1. Speeding Up Team Learning, Edmonson A., HBR 2019 Special Issue

2. Control the Negotiation Before it Begins, Malhotra D., HBR 2015 December

3. Emotion and the Art of Negotiation, Brooks A, HBR 2015 December

4. Does VRIO Help Managers Evaluate a Firm’s Resources?, Knott, P., Management Decision, 2015 Vol. 53, Iss. 8, pp. 1806-1822

5. How Business Ecosystems Rise (and Often Fall), MIT Sloan Management Review, 2019, Summer


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