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Describe the perspective presented in the theory.

Behavioral Learning Theory

6-8 slides Applying Behavioral Learning Theory

I have attached the instructions and grading rubric. I prefer the writers notes instead over doing a voice over (my background is never quiet)


You will need to incorporate at least two scholarly journal articles into your presentation. Review the articles and videos in the Resources that relate to the behavioral learning theory, as they provide examples of the type of articles you should find as well as key words that you could use while researching. You may also find the following library guide useful:

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Access the following tutorials from Skillsoft if you need help with creating PowerPoint presentations using Windows or Mac.

○      Running time: 51:00.

○      Running time: 55:00.


Create a PowerPoint presentation that explains behavioral learning theory and relates it to a college-level learning task. You have the choice of either recording a screen-capture narration of your presentation or including written, detailed speaker’s notes in the “notes” section.

In your presentation:

  • Describe the perspective presented in the theory (1–2 slides).

○      Use scholarly research to support the perspective.

  • Describe a learning task on the higher education/college level related to the theory (1 slide).

○      Tasks should be in an educational setting.

  • Using at least two scholarly research articles, explain how the learning task applies the theory (1–2 slides).
  • Include references (1 slide).

Deliverable Format

Your PowerPoint presentation can be delivered in one of two ways:

  • Record your presentation in screen-capture format with narration (5–7 minutes).

○      If you choose to record your presentation, you are welcome to use any tools and software with which you are comfortable, but make sure faculty is able to easily access your presentation. Capella offers Kaltura, a program that records audio and video. Refer to Using Kaltura for information about this courseroom tool.

  • Prepare written, detailed speaker’s notes and include them in the “notes” section of your presentation.

Submission Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and format.
  • Number of resources: Include a minimum of two current scholarly or professional resources.
  • Length of presentation: Create 6–8 typed slides, including the title and reference slides. If you record your presentation, it should be 5–7 minutes.
  • Font and font size: Use your creativity and images to enhance your presentation.


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