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Determine the recent policy initiatives.

Policy Analysis: Understanding the Local Context

In this project you will investigate the policies and practices related to dyslexia diagnosis and at the state, district and school levels. A set of key questions to address are included, though you may also include other relevant information not addressed by these questions. This assignment will be comprised of the following three parts. Each part should be included under a separate subheading. (I only need help with Part A and C )

Part A: Policy Analysis

State-Level Policy – My state is Florida

You may use several sources of information for this section pertaining to the laws in your state. Read the article by Youman and Mather, which outlines the status and content of dyslexia laws, and some of the differences and regulations across states.

Other Resources That Can Help You

Definitions of Dyslexia

Also, visit your state (Florida) department of education website to investigate the reading policy in your state. You should also find your House K-12 subcommittee on to determine recent policy initiatives.

List/describe any laws and policies in your state that pertain to the five priority areas outlined by Decoding Dyslexia.

  1. Definition
  2. Early Identification
  3. Intervention
  4. Teacher training
  5. Access to appropriate accommodations and technology

B. Information on an evaluation of the degree to which your local policies (Marion County School Board – Ocala, Florida ) and practices align with state (Florida) and federal policy and practice standards.


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