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How does culture impact workers in an organization?

Culture Analysis -what actions to take to improve the organizational culture issues.

Poor Communication:

  • Too much “red tape” for reporting concerns, which can slow down and reduce communication effectiveness
  • Inconsistent messaging among staff
  • Problems take too long to resolve

Ethics and Leadership Integrity:

  • Inconsistent financial reports in circulation
  • Leadership expenses unexplained
  • Leadership strategic plans constantly changing
  • Staff not involved in any level of the decision-making process

Conflict Management:

  • Issues in conflict for resources management, such as department spending and finance department priorities
  • Issues go unresolved
  • Based on the information above, minimum 3-4-page report that proposes what actions to take to improve the organizational culture issues. In your paper, elaborate on the following:
  • Discuss how leadership can set a cultural tone. Use examples from the culture analysis table to support your discussion.
  • Explain the importance of culture and change management within organizations.
    • Why does a cultural tone need to be in place?
    • How does culture impact workers in an organization? Use examples from the culture analysis table to support your discussion.
  • Discuss key elements that can influence cultural change (positive and negative). Use examples from the culture analysis table to support your discussion.
  • Summarize recommendations for maintaining and improving the culture climate.
  • Include an APA formatted title page and reference page to document your sources

Organizational Culture and Leadership 5th Edition – Edgar Schein – textbook


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