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Describe how Uber’s business model works and the role technology has played in its success.

Uber’s business

Describe how Uber business model works

Assignment Instructions

Describe how Uber’s business model works and the role technology has played in its success.

What are the arguments for banning these types of businesses? What are the arguments for defending them?

Have you ever thought about the data you leave behind for marketers to collect? Marketers are always looking for digital footprints, which are traceable sources of online activities. Visit www.internetsociety.org/your-digital-footprint-mat… and review the various resources available. Select one of the tutorials and present what you learned from the video

After reviewing the tutorials on http://www.internetsociety.org/your-digital-footprint-matters, do you plan to alter your online habits? Are you concerned about your digital footprint and the data trail you leave behind, and do you plan to actively manage them? Why or why not?


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