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Which ethical standards (norms, principles, and Ideals) are at the basis of NIKE’s mission and its corporate social responsibility initiatives? Explain.

Nike Corporate Responsibility and Competitive Advantage

case analysis related to corporate social responsibility

Assignment Description

Write a case analysis related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). You will analyze NIKE’s business model and competitive advantage and provide insights into challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the company. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate how corporate social responsibility strategies contribute to a company’s financial success.

Page limit is about 1500 words.

Course Outcomes

This project covers the following course learning outcomes:

  • Apply analytical frameworks and techniques to diagnose the firm’s competitive position and core competencies, assess alternative plans of action, and predict the consequences of specific decision options.
  • Enhance the ability to communicate concisely and persuasively both orally and in writing

For this specific assignment, read the Case “Governance and Sustainability at NIKE (A)”.

  1. Does NIKE’s dedication to corporate social responsibility contribute to its competitive advantage? How? Explain.
  2. Which ethical standards (norms, principles, and Ideals) are at the basis of NIKE’s mission and its corporate social responsibility initiatives? Explain.
  3. Who are NIKE’s stakeholders? For each stakeholder, identify their stakeholder relationship and why you assigned that relationship to that stakeholder.
  4. Should Nike revisit its commitment to Road to Zero? Would you lower the water targets or find the resources elsewhere? What would you recommend if you were in Jones’s position? In Sprunk’s position?
  5. How would you evaluate the steps senior leadership has taken to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability into the business?


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