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Is federalism still useful and advantageous for the United States?

American Government Discussion

https://openstax.org/books/american-government-2e/… This is the link for the pdf textbook

This week you read about the federal structure of the United States. It was relatively unique at the time, and even today most countries are unitary governments. Please answer the following questions that ask you to apply what you learned this week, please make sure you reference information from the book where necessary.

1. Federalism made a lot of sense in the 1790s when it took long amounts of time to travel to a national capital (and the US was larger than most countries even when it was the 13 original states). Now, communication is easier than ever, and events often move very quickly. Is federalism still useful and advantageous for the United States?

2. Think of something you’re interested in. It can be a political issue, hobby, or idea. Doing some brief outside searching, how has the federal structure of our government affected it? Is it treated differently at the state level than the federal? If so, how?


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