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In the practice of negotiation, how do you know when a conflict is ripe for intervention?

In the practice of negotiation, how do you know when a conflict is ripe for intervention? Must provide examples from readings from Weeks (see attached). The purpose of the question is to understand when the process of intervention is appropriate and desirable by the parties – and when it is not.

3 pages. Double spaced. Turabian author/date reference list style. Must include

Although these sections may beg for enumerated points, please do not use bullet lists or other short-cuts to academic writing. Write in full sentences, not fragments. Position your arguments as the first sentence of the paragraph for clarity. Follow arguments, ideas, main points, etc. with evidence as support, analysis, and a transition to the next point. In other words, follow a basic IRAC structure for each paragraph – issue, rationale, analysis, conclusion.

About footnotes and endnotes: For everyone in all programs, you may use footnotes or endnotes – but not to hold sources. Footnotes in Turabian author/date style are meant to hold superfluous information – things you’d like your reader to know but they are not critical to your argumentation and support. Sources belong only in the References List and are noted in the text parenthetically as (author date, page).

All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom. Use 12 pt. font and double-space. Insert page numbers.

The preference of the instructor is to use the sources on the attached reading list.


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