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Managerial Economics.

Managerial Economics

Find an article or use an example from your own business experiences in which supply and/or demand changed. Do not choose the market for labor. The analysis for a labor market is different from a typical good or service.

Include each of the following in your initial post.

1. Explain which curve shifted and which shifter was affected. (If you think both curves shift, for simplicity, just choose one of the curve shifts to analyze.)

2. Discuss how equilibrium prices and quantities changed.

For your responses, help your classmates analyze their situation further or ask them questions about their scenario.

[Hint: Demand shifters are listed on pages 105-111 of your text. Supply shifters are covered on pages 116-119.

Please use the reading material as a reference and conduct this in APA Format and use intext citations. Needs to be 300 words or more.

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