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Identify a business problem or opportunity and proposing a change management solution.

Organizational Development and Change

Submit Final Research Paper Topic

Begin preparing for the Final Research Paper Proposal.

The Research Project Proposal’s focus should be on identifying a business problem or opportunity and proposing a change management solution. You will need to identify a real-life business that you are familiar with or a fictitious one that you could picture properly. The business must have a problem or an opportunity that requires an organizational change management solution.

Note: You need to submit a topic for your final research paper.

The proposal gives a high-level overview of the final research paper. It gives information about the organization we are doing the organizational change management project for, a description of the problem/opportunity, and an overview of the organizational change management. The proposal must be submitted and feedback received from the professor before doing the rest of the project. The proposal should be one and a half to two pages (not including cover page, table of contents, bibliography and appendices), double spaced, using Times New Roman font, 12-point, using 1 inch margins, and headings for the paper format requirements.

The proposal should consist of the following:

  1. Cover page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Brief company background
  4. Business problems or opportunities overview
    1. Briefly describe the problem or opportunity that you will be providing an organizational change management solution for
    2. Explain how this problem/opportunity affects the organization
  5. Overview of organizational change management
    1. Provide a brief overview of the organizational change management solution, and explain how it fits the needs of the organization.
    2. Final Research Paper Requirements are as follows:

The written document for this assignment should follow the APA style. Ensure correct spelling and grammar (use built-in tool with MS Word).

Submit an APA formatted paper of at least 10-15 pages in length; include 10-15 scholarly resources (i.e. not Wikipedia) on a topic of change management.

b) Get approval from your Faculty member for the topic.

Your paper will be graded according to the criteria outlined in the Student Handbook rubric for writing. Use the rubric information in the creation of your paper ensuring it contains all of the important elements; your work will be graded accordingly.

Rubric Criteria (see Student Handbook for more details).

Substance of the Assignment
Organization of the applied project
Mechanics of writing
Evidence of research
Length of paper


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