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Theory of victimization | Law homework help

1.  What does the old saying “Victims are the forgotten actors in the criminal justice system” mean? Does the saying still apply today?   Please take the time to explain your rationale and provide examples to support your answer.

2.  List three victim assistance organizations that started in the 1970s, and describe their influence on the growth and development of victim assistance organizations.

3.  Identify the groups of people who are at the greatest risk of violent victimization, and discuss the services needed to prevent victimization.

4. Discuss at least two characteristics of victimization and the rate of violence within each (gender, age, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, and HIV infected).

What trends of violence are shown within each of these characteristics and what makes individuals within these characteristics vulnerable to violence?

5. David is a high school senior and, after telling his parents he was going to his room to study and then go to bed, snuck out of the house to meet his friends instead.  On the way home from hanging out with his friends, he was attacked by two strangers who beat him up and stole his wallet and cell phone.

What theory of victimization would you apply to David and this situation? Explain specifically how the theory you have chosen connects to the situation. In your opinion, who is to blame for this situation; David or his attackers? Explain your answer.


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