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Healthcare law | Law homework help

Locate three current laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that impact healthcare in the country. For example, the right to healthcare is stipulated in Article 27 and 31 of the Basic Laws of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health issued a Patient’s Bill of Rights (PBR) in 2006. Do not use these examples in your research.Write a 4–5-page paper detailing the laws you have located and researched.Your paper should address the following substantive requirements:

  • The code and section where these laws were located.
  • The goal and purpose of each law.
  • How these laws might improve health in the Kingdom
  • Any concerns or issues with these laws.

Your paper should meet the following structural requirements:

  • 5 pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.
  • Formatted according to APA 7th edition and Saudi Electronic University writing standards.
  • Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but the other two must be external. The Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these references.


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