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What’s in a Name? Company Name | Law homework help

What’s in a Name? Business Planning, Trademark Search

4.2 – Assignment: Company Name

Finding the perfect name…that no one else has!

Now that your work in Activity 4.1 is completed, your unique company name is ready to become a company asset! The next step is to see if you truly have a protectable unique name and it has not already been taken by another company. If there is another company using the name, you will not be able to register the name in the state or trademark the name with fully protectable rights for your company.

Remember to use the unique name you suggested in Activity 4.1.

The location of the business will be in south Florida. You must confirm that no one else in the same service industry state code has claimed and registered the same name. Variations or derivatives of a name will prevent you from registering the name and indicate that the name is not so unique!

To confirm name availability, in the state of Florida complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Florida Division of Corporations website.Links to an external site.
  2. Insert your name into the web search window to test the availability of your company name; this will cause a list of company names to appear similar to your name. If no other name appears, your name is eligible for registration in the state.
  3. Search the name for availability. The list that appears on the site will indicate the availability of your name. Remember, you are searching for a unique exotic name, not common words or phrases that cannot grant protectable property rights.
  4. If the search fails to pass, try a new name and start the search over. If unavailable, keep using the search function until you find an available name. Avoid common names, given names, or names that would not be available for trademark protection.
  5. Take a screen capture of the search results page. Submit the screen capture pages showing your name and the search results.

Submission Instructions

Upload the following document:

screenshot of the search results page on the website



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