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Discrimination | Law homework help

TOPIC: Discrimination

This writing project will consists of you creating a PowerPoint presentation on the topic listed below. You must have at least 5 credible resources cited in your PowerPoint as in-text citations. You must also include a reference citation slide in APA format. You must also have a title slide in APA format. Your presentation must have a minimum of 12 slides not including a title slide, an abstract slide and a reference slide.

For this project, you may choose any ethical dilemma in criminal justice that you find interesting. In the first part of the project you will briefly discuss the dilemma that you chose. Then you will persuade the audience to see the dilemma from your point of view using research to support your stance. You will use the recording feature in your PowerPoint to present your presentation; this will allow you to add your voice or any additional audio to your presentation.



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