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Hospitality law | Law homework help

Hospitality/tourism (hotel, restaurant, cruise line, airline or casino).

Find one or more academic references that are current and credible (other than the textbook). Every reference should focus directly on the HRT setting and legal issue you want to write about.

Develop a formal, written paper analyzing one law, regulation, regulatory agency, or legal issue that affects operations of an Hospitality agency or organization.


Explain the Hospitality setting and the law, regulation, regulatory agency, or legal issue you researched.

Provide a clear statement of position about the importance, relevance or impact for your selected HRT setting of the law, regulation, regulatory agency, or legal issue.

Discuss what a new management trainee needs to know to comply with legal requirements.

Provide information about the penalties for non-compliance with legal requirements.

Draw conclusions based on your research and analysis about specific actions needed by managers and staff members to comply with legal requirements.

All references must be published or revised between 2001-2024 and include the name of the author/editor/organization. Do not use any references without a date (no date or n.d. is not acceptable, that includes websites). Look at the bottom of the webpage for a copyright date.

Do NOT use magazine articles (designed for the public), blogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Wikipedia, book reviews, abstracts, the course textbook, videos, or newspaper articles as references.


Write a formal paper in third person (no I, we or you). Spell and grammar check your work.

Submit your work in Word or PDF format (.doc, .docx. or .pdf).

Write a minimum of 1000 words including the introduction, body and conclusion. An abstract, title page, running head, and table of contents should not be included and will not count toward the required length.

Double-space throughout the paper and reference page. Use 1” margins and a 12-point readable font. Indent the first line in each paragraph. Limit paragraphs to 3-7 sentences in length. Use headings to organize the paper.

Use appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. Spell and grammar check your work.

Write full sentences in paragraph form. Use your own words. No direct quotes, lists or bullet points.

Include APA format citations throughout the text of the paper (author’s last name, year of publication) or for a website (organization name, date), and full APA citations in the reference section at the end of the paper (Author or organization name, date. Title of the article or webpage. Volume, issue, and page numbers for an article. Full URL).


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