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Crime law | Law homework help

Discussion #1

From your Chapter 1 readings, discuss the following question:

Contrast the role of crime with the role of politics in the growth of corrections. Why is this contrast important?

Write a thoughtful and thorough post.

There is a minimum 300-word requirement to discuss your response thoroughly. Be sure you properly cite your sources and any other academic sources you might reference. In-text citations should give the author(s) last name and page number of the publication, and a bibliography at the end of your discussion must be included. These references and citations are not included in the word count. Consult your syllabus for discussion board guidelines that you must follow. Also, I will be grading your posts for grammar and sentence structure as well as thoroughness.





























Chapter 2 Discussion

You have just been offered and accepted the job of police chief for a medium size police department (approximately 115 officers). Write a mission statement for your department. After you have completed this mission statement, assume that you are addressing your officers for the first time as the new chief. What attitudes you want to foster in your officers and how would you go about accomplishing this?





Chapter 2 Assignment


One current narrative is that police need more training. In order to become a police officer in Texas, an individual must attend a basic police academy. Additionally, the minimum educational requirements require an applicant for the position of police officer have a GED or high school diploma. The average full time police academy is four months long.


Is this a sufficient amount of time for an individual to become a police officer? Should police officers be required to have a degree before becoming an officer? If so, which type of degree (associates, bachelors, masters)? Can you think of any other required training that all police officers should have? Explain your answer. Below is a link to UHD’s police academy website as well as a link to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). You can reference them as you type out your response.












Discussion 3



What if you were in law enforcement? Which type of terrorist would you prefer to investigate? Why?

Why are lone-wolf terrorists so difficult to stop? What are the disadvantages facing law enforcement when it comes to identifying and arresting a lone wolf terrorist?


In what ways does criminal behavior differ from terrorist behavior? What similarities do the two share? Should law enforcement approach the two in the same manner? Provide examples to demonstrate your reasoning.





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