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Research Bankruptcy protection | Law homework help

BlockFi, a crypto lending platform, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey following the implosion of putative acquirer FTX.

Come up with a list of 28 “Most Wanted”.  whether they have money at this moment or not. Keep in mind, a lot of these folks have insurance polices to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit. These don’t have to be BlockFi employees or investors.
They can have some role in precipitating the chain of events that caused investors to lose money or Blockfi to go bankrupt.

The format of the deliverable is at least 56-page Microsoft Word (.doc) document. Each of the 28 entries will have:

1. A page dedicated to a high-res photograph of the person (or logo if it is an organization) along with a source URL

2. A page dedicated to a paragraph (2-10 sentences) about why this person is at fault either directly or indirectly. Maybe this person/organization has funds that belong to us.  Include citations/URLs to substantiate your reasoning.

3. List can consist of some of the obvious names like CEO and founders but be creative explore unconventional options when creating the list; think creatively or strategically about individuals who could play a significant role or contribute to the failure of BlockFi.


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