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Suzy Que Case Study | Law homework help

Read the mini-case in the next section carefully. The case has only one issue, and only one defined term applies to this assignment. After identifying the issue, analyze the applicable defined term to the facts of the mini-case using the IRAC format. Using the defined term’s elements, explain why the term applies to the specific facts, analyze the facts, and determine the outcome. Support all responses with primary legal authoritative citations. While other terms may also apply under the facts, only one term supports the motion or action detailed in the facts and is the main focus in this mini-case assignment. Do not analyze any other questions associated with the case studies.

Apply your case analysis using the IRAC format. Complete your answers by filling in the IRAC Worksheet (DOCX). Download IRAC Worksheet (DOCX). Download a separate worksheet for the case study and complete it.

Suzy Que Case Study

Suzy Que resides in North Carolina, a state that supplies most vape chemicals used in the new smoking pipes. Suzy sued the company VapAttack Inc., which manufactures and supplies Vape chemicals. Suzy sued VapAttack Inc. in federal court in the county in which she resides. Suzy lives in the same county where the majority of tobacco growers and cigarette manufacturers are located. VapAttack Inc. filed a motion with the federal court for a change of venue, asking the court to change the location of the lawsuit to the county where its headquarters resides. What grounds are available to VapAttack Inc., that support a motion for a change of venue by a defendant to the company’s business location? Name and describe the motion(s) available to defendant VapAttack Inc. Discuss the potential grounds for removal the court would review in deciding the motion?


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