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Law Assignment: Understanding IRAC (Law) | Law homework help

Read the mini-case in the next section carefully. The case has only one issue, and only one defined term applies to this assignment. After identifying the issue, analyze the applicable defined term to the facts of the mini-case using the IRAC format. Using the defined term’s elements, explain why the term applies to the specific facts, analyze the facts, and determine the outcome. Support all responses with primary legal authoritative citations. While other terms may also apply under the facts, only one term supports the motion or action detailed in the facts and is the main focus in this mini-case assignment. Do not analyze any other questions associated with the case studies.

Apply your case analysis using the IRAC format. Complete your answers by filling in the IRAC Worksheet (DOCX). Download IRAC Worksheet (DOCX). Download a separate worksheet for the case study and complete it.

Wegotit Inc Case Study

Jake Salesman is a sales manager at Wegotit, Inc. The company’s SVP provided Jake and other team leaders with a copy of the company’s new sales forecast for the fourth quarter. The SVP distributed information related to the third-quarter results to the team leaders. The company’s performance was well below the profitable goals set by the president of the company. If the target goals are achieved, it will keep the company liquid for the rest of the year. As a result of the third quarter’s low performance, the company now faces massive layoffs unless the sales team doubles its efforts by the end of the fourth quarter. The SVP interpreted the President of the company’s message as meaning they had to do everything possible to regain the market share. The SVP indicated to the team leaders that they were personally responsible for the survival of the company. The highlight of his presentation came when he told everyone in the room that they were to recover the market share “by any means necessary.” The President said they should leave no stone unturned and let no rule stand in their way. Jake set up a meeting with his team to go over the individual quotas for which his members were responsible. Before the meeting with the SVP ended, the SVP indicated that he wanted every team leader to repeat his call to duty to reach the goals. If Jake Salesman follows the SVP’s directives, what else should Jake consider discussing with his team during this meeting, and why? What legal issues could potentially create a problem if the team took the phrase “by any means necessary,” literally? Hint: Review the Ethics chapter in the textbook for research: Business Law and the Legal Environment v. 1.0 (Github).Links to an external site. 


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