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Sports Law | Law homework help

COURSE CODE BAS313 COURSE NAME: LEGAL & ETHICAL ISSUES IN SPORT Task brief & rubrics Task: Midterm Essay on equality and violence (40%) Subject of the Task: This is an individual assignment in which the student must write an essay on equality and violence (40%). Students can choose an essay title that enables them to critically appraise issues relating to equality and violence in the current sports arena. The task must be submitted via Turnitin (Report) Examples of cases/situations to choose from (you can pick another case):

• Malice at the Palace

• Eric Cantona’s Kick

• Caster Semenya’s Gender Controversy

• Diversity in Formula 1

• Olympic Refugee Team

• IOC Portrayal Guidelines Topics to consider:

• Introduction – Equality or Violence in the Current Sports Arena (Specific Topic or Case)

• Sports Organizations & Athletes Involved

• Ethical Issues and Values Involved

• Laws & Sports Regulations that are applicable.

• How Sports Organizations / Governing Bodies are acting or should act in that respect?

• Conclusions & Recommendations

• References Formalities:

• Wordcount: 2.000 words

• Font: Arial 11 pts.

• Text alignment: Justified.

• The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvard’s citation style. Submission: Week 13 (Jan 21st, 2024 23h59) Weight: This task is 40% of your total grade for this subject. It assesses the following learning outcomes:

• Outcome 1: Interpret legal and ethical principles in sport

• Outcome 2: Use ethical reasoning and models for moral decision-making



• Rubrics


Criteria Exceptional (90-100%) Good (80-89%) Fair (70-79%) Marginal Fail (60-69%)

Knowledge & Understanding (30%)

The student demonstrates an exceptional understanding of key concepts related to the chosen topic (e.g., equality or violence in sports) and employs relevant vocabulary effectively. The essay includes comprehensive and well-cited references from academic sources, demonstrating in- depth research.

The student shows a good understanding of key concepts and employs relevant vocabulary appropriately. The essay includes well-cited references from academic sources, supporting the discussion effectively.

The student demonstrates an understanding of the chosen topic, though some concepts may be lacking, and vocabulary usage is acceptable. The essay includes references but may lack depth in research or citation.

The student attempts to address the chosen topic but may lack a comprehensive understanding of key concepts. Vocabulary usage is minimal. References, if present, may be insufficient or inadequately cited.

Application (40%) The student applies fully relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. The analysis is insightful and demonstrates a deep understanding of ethical and legal principles in sports. The essay integrates a wide range of well-cited sources, showcasing extensive research.

The student expertly applies comprehensive and relevant knowledge from the topics covered in the course. The analysis is solid and demonstrates a good understanding of ethical and legal principles in sports. The essay effectively integrates well-cited sources from academic literature.

The student applies some relevant knowledge from the course topics, but there may be minor misunderstandings. The essay includes references, but their integration and depth may be lacking.

The student applies limited relevant knowledge from the course topics, and misunderstandings are evident. References, if present, may be minimal or poorly integrated into the discussion.

Presentation (30%) The essay is exceptionally well-structured, clear, and concise. It adheres to the word count limit, and grammar and spelling are impeccable. The references are correctly formatted in Harvard style and consistently applied throughout the essay.

The essay communicates ideas clearly and concisely, adhering to the word count limit. Grammar and spelling are accurate with minimal errors. References are well- formatted in Harvard style and consistently applied.

The essay communicates ideas with some clarity and concision, though it may slightly exceed or fall short of the word count limit. Some spelling and grammatical errors may be evident. References are included but may have minor formatting or citation issues.

The essay communicates ideas in a somewhat unclear and unconcise manner. It significantly deviates from the word count limit, and spelling and grammatical errors are evident. References, if present, may be improperly formatted or inconsistently applied.


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