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Case: Hypothetical: Zsa Zsa Hilton, a wealthy socialite living in Beverly Hills, was frantic. Her best friend in the world was her pet poodle Caboodles, and Caboodles had been missing for three (3) days. Having searched her estate exhaustively, Zsa Zsa decided that her next best option was to post a reward for her beloved Caboodles. Zsa Zsa carefully prepared a poster advertising a reward for the return of her pet. The heading of the poster exclaimed “Please find Caboodles—Reward–$25,000!!!” Below the heading was a color “glamour shot” of the animal and Zsa Zsa’s contact information, including her address and cell phone number. After soliciting the assistance of her butler, her maid, and her best friend Eva Ritchie, Zsa Zsa displayed and distributed one thousand of the posters throughout the greater Beverly Hills metropolitan area.

Later in the week, Dane “Bulldog” Sheppard showed up at Zsa Zsa’s front door. When she answered the door chime, Dane said “I am pleased to meet you, Ms. Hilton. I saw your ad for the return of your lost poodle, and I am your man. I will find him, Ms. Hilton, and let me say in advance that I really appreciate the $25,000 bounty, um, reward money!” Is there a contract between Dane “Bulldog” Sheppard and Zsa Zsa Hilton?


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