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Ethical Dilemma | Law homework help

Case: Hypothetical and Ethical Dilemma

John Hammonds recently purchased a used Fjord Mastodon sedan from Square Deal Pre-Owned Auto Sales, Inc. During contract negotiations, John did not ask any questions related to the fuel efficiency of the car, and Square Deal’s sales representative, Wink Eubanks, did not volunteer any information about the Mastodon’s gas mileage. John had saved for a car for five (5) years, and he paid ten thousand dollars cash for the vehicle.

After his purchase, John kept meticulous records regarding the fuel consumption of the Mastodon, and he calculated that the Mastodon was getting approximately twelve (12) miles per gallon. He immediately returned to Square Deal (John thought the dealership should be renamed “Raw Deal”), found Wink Eubanks in front of one of the store’s vending machines, and stated “You should have told me that Mastodon only gets twelve miles per gallon. I am the victim of fraud, and I want my money back. Here are the keys to your Mastodon with the mammoth appetite!”

Do you agree with John Hammonds? Is John the victim of fraud? Is he entitled to a rescission of the contract based on Square Deal’s nondisclosure of the Mastodon’s gas mileage?


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