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Question of ethics—wrongful Interference.

White Plains Coat & Apron Co. and Cintas Corp. are competitors. White Plains had five-year exclusive contracts with some of its customers. As a result of Cintas’s soliciting of business, dozens of White Plains’ customers breached their contracts and entered into rental agreements with Cin- tas. White Plains filed a suit against Cintas, alleging wrong- ful interference. [White Plains Coat & Apron Co. v. Cintas Corp., 8 N.Y.3d 422, 867 N.E.2d 381 (2007)] (See Inten- tional Torts against Persons.)

1. What are the two policies at odds in wrongful interfer- ence cases? When there is an existing contract, which of these interests should be accorded priority? Why?

2. Is a general interest in soliciting business for profit a suf- ficient defense to a claim of wrongful interference with a contractual relationship? What do you think? Why?


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