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Decision support systems Research | Human Resource Management homework help

What information can be discussed when talking about decision support systems in grocery supply chains?

Research Paper Guidelines
Paper Description

1. You may choose from any one of the hundreds of topics listed in your textbook, but the topic must be
narrow and concise enough to cover in five pages.

2. You must submit a 12 page Research Proposal by the conclusion of Module 3 that contains the

a) Title of research paper.

b) Background Information: A 150200 word overview of the topic that you intend to prove,
analyze, or explain. You must integrate the Saint Leo University core value of integrity into
your paper in some form.

c) A list of five references that you will use in your paper.

3. Your Research Paper must be divided into logical headings and the layout should adhere to the
following suggestions:

a) Cover page: see Paper Format below

b) Introduction or Background: choose either to use

c) Current Situation, Statement of Problem, or Issues Addressed: choose one heading to use

d) Analysis of Issues, Addressing the Problems, or Answering the Questions: choose one
heading to use

e) Conclusions or Recommendations: choose one heading to use and develop conclusions
based on you paper’s objectives

f) References: use this heading, then list sources below in proper APA format

4. Your Research Paper must make some sound conclusions and/or recommendations based on your
research findings about the topic. Make sure that your conclusion or recommendations present
something unique or exclusive in nature and are not a rehash of information in the textbook.

Paper Format

1. Complete document must be in proper APA format

2. Cover page: paper title, your name, date, class name, and professor’s name

3. Table of contents: outline of research paper’s contents

4. Abstract: not required for short paper

5. Written content: approximately five pages (14001800 words) not including cover page or

6. Font: 12point Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman

7. Line spacing: double

8. Paper must include the areas of analysis discussed in the next section

Due Dates

1. Research Proposal: submit to the appropriate Assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM
EST/EDT of Module 3.

2. Final Paper: Submit the final Research Paper to Chalk and Wire no later than Sunday 11:59
EST/EDT of Module 7. The final Research Paper Chalk and Wire link is located in the Module 7
folder. Students who do not submit the assignment to Chalk and Wire will receive a zero. This is a
key program assessment; the results are used to ensure students are meeting program goals.


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