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Program, and Portfolio Management distinction | Human Resource Management homework help


Case Study and Simulation Exercise

As directed last week, review the Portfolio Project prompt in the Module 8 folder and select which option you will complete for your final Portfolio Project. Then complete your first milestone as directed. Identify your milestone choice in the title of your submission.

Option #1: Honicker Corporation

Section 1: Principle Components Discussion

Section 2: Simulation Analysis for Scenario A

Section 3: Case Study Analysis based on the Honicker Corporation case study (Kerzner, 2022, p. 786)

Section 1: Principle Components Discussion

For the first three “Section 1: Principle Components” bullet items, include a brief, yet substantive, synopsis of each item (typically, one to two paragraphs for each subsection level-2 bullet item):

  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management distinction
  • Project Prioritization and Selection Criteria
  • Project Charter (plus project charter template to be included in an appendix)

Additionally, develop a basic 1- to 2-page Project Charter template (merely a blank form) that could be used for small-to-medium size projects in a global organization. The intent is to demonstrate your comprehension of the components necessary for an effective project charter. Include your Project Charter template as an appendix in your paper

Note: All other section headers merely serve as place holders for future substantive content.

Section 2: Simulation Scenario Analysis

Summarize your performance in the project management simulation completed (Simulation: Project Management Simulation: Scope, Resources, Schedule V3; Product #: 7701-HTM-ENG). This section should be approximately 3- to 4-pages and must include:

  • Identify three project management principles or practices applied during the simulation and their effect on your simulation outcomes.
  • Delineation of three lessons learned from the project management simulation that can be applied to the future management of projects.
  • Recommendation for improving your simulation outcomes.

The subject content for Section 2 varies based on the Portfolio Project option selected:

  • For Option 1, the project management simulation requires an analysis of your performance in Simulation Scenario A.
  • For Option 2, the project management simulation requires an analysis of your performance in Simulation Scenario B.

Section 3: Case Study Analysis

Include APA style section level 2 headings for bullet items or key elements within each main section.

  • Conclusion (No content is required for the conclusion section of the Milestone assignment; it is merely a placeholder for now. You will complete this section in future Portfolio Milestones).
  • Reference page(s) listing appropriate references cited; a minimum of three peer-reviewed or professionally published sources are required for this milestone submission, which may include the course textbook, the PMBOK® Guide, and designated readings in addition to your research.


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