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Vygotsky’s theory of Sociocultural Development |Human Resource Management homework help


In this assignment for this week you will need to create a Prezi. (
www.prezi.com. Students
can start a free 14 day trial) or PowerPoint that will highlight the important points of a

theory that you will pick from this week’s reading and research. The selected theory should

be one that has a significant influence in explaining development. An example of one such

theory may be: Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development, Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial

Development, Vygotsky’s theory of Sociocultural Development etc.

You will want to expand on your points from the discussion with greater detail in this

assignment. The presentation will start with a short introduction of the theory, present

some background information on the theorist/psychologist behind the creation of the

theory, share additional interesting details about the theory such as the main focus of the

theory, steps or stages within the theory and so forth and conclude by briefly explaining

why you selected this theory as the best theory in explaining development. You will want to

have a minimum of a seven slide PPT or Prezi. All references will be listed in APA format.

Remember to cite your references to support the information shared within your slides.

In case you have not made a power point prior- this is a link with information on how to do


If you have not made a Prezi- this is a link with information on how to do this-


Information on Citation and Reference Style Resources: Please use the most current

edition of the APA Style Manual. Use the following link for information and guidelines.


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