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Five Test-taking strategies | Human Resource Management homework help


Understanding the types of questions on the SHRM-CP Exam is imperative for exam success. According to the SHRM document,  The SHRM Learning System, two types of assessment questions are included within the SHRM-CP exam; the SHRM-CP exam is composed of 134 questions containing 80 Knowledge items and 54 Situational Judgment items (SJI).

SHRM defines both Knowledge items and Situational Judgment items as;

Knowledge Items  test one piece of information, have a single correct answer, and are anchored to a source. These items test recall of knowledge or a candidate’s understanding of information, ability to apply knowledge to solve problems, or ability to apply knowledge to predict an outcome. There are two types of Knowledge Items. Items referred to as basic Knowledge Items (KIs) cover key concept topics in the HR Knowledge Domains, while those referred to as Foundational Knowledge Items (FKIs) cover key concept topics in the Behavioral Competency areas. The exam presents four possible answers, but only one is correct (SHRM, p. 7, 2024).

Situational Judgment Items (SJIs)  assess a candidate’s judgment and decision-making skills associated with the proficiency indicators for each of the nine Behavioral Competencies outlined in the SHRM BASK. Each set of SJIs is preceded by a scenario outlining a work situation experienced by HR professionals. The two to four items that follow each scenario require examinees to assess the situation and select the “best” or “most effective” course of action to solve the problem presented in the question. Each item presents four possible options ranging from least effective to most effective or best. All are viable resolutions; however, only one represents the “best” or “most effective” option. Examinees will receive full credit for choosing the key (another name for the best or most effective course of action). An examinee receives no credit for selecting any option that is not the key (SHRM, p. 7-8, 2024).


Access and review the following documents from the  SHRM -CP Learning System:  Tools for Success area to prepare for this assignment:

· Additional Resources section of the SHRM-CP Learning system.

· Learning System Resources and Updates.

· Introduction to the Learning System video.

· SHRM Learning System: Introduction to SHRM Learning System document. (PDF)

· Videos

· Your Guide to Understanding SJI (Situational Judgment).

· PART 1: Situational Judgment Success video.

· PART II: SHRM-CP Situational Judgment Practice video.

Write a 2-3 page paper responding to the following questions:

Part I Reference the Knowledge Items in the Introduction to the Learning System document.

1. Define the term Knowledge Items in your own words.

2. Identify the two types of Knowledge Item questions included within the SHRM-CP exam.

1. Discuss the purpose of each type of question.

Part II Reference the Situational Judgement Items: from the video: PART 1: Situational Judgment Success video.

1. Analyze each of the  Five Test-taking strategies regarding Situational Judgment Items (SJI).

1. Discuss your findings, including the purpose and goal of each strategy.

2. Evaluate 2-3 the test-taking strategies that will work best for you in preparation for correctly responding to Situational Judgment Items.

1. Base your evaluation on your understanding of the most effective learning, mastering, and practice techniques that work for you.

Part III Based on your review of learning material from Week 2-5, including your experience with pre-tests thus far, in your own words, respond to the following.

1. Create a unique example of a Knowledge Item question with four potential answers.

1. Include the correct answer for the example, and justify the answer.

2. Create a unique scenario-based Situational Judgment Item question with four potential answers.

1. Include the correct answer for the example, and justify the answer.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The library is your home for SWS assistance, including citations and formatting. Please refer to the  Library site  for all support. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:

· Determine the most accurate response in the areas of Behavioral Competencies related to Leadership, Business, and Interpersonal concepts to prepare for the SHRM-CP Certification exam.


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