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Appling the 4 p’s | Human Resource Management homework help

Define the marketing mix, the “4 P’s”, and reflect each “P’s” to the duties or what the of Office of Faculty Development do in a college

For each of the 4 “P’s”, simply define them as you see them applying to this situation. (Office of Faculty Development).

1.  What are the “products” of Faculty Development in a college?

2.  What is the “place”, the various ways that Faculty Development products are delivered ?  in a college.

3. What is the “price” that is charged for those products (if there is) in the various ways it is delivered by the faculty Development? and how are they delivered? MLA format.

4.   And how is the product of the office of Faculty development  “promoted?”

5. What is the “target market” of Faculty Development? why do they provide products and services to the college?

N/B: 2 Pages,12 pt Times New Roman font, with a 1 inch margin on all sides. cite at least two sources (butler’s Owl) or any other.


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