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Risk for abuse | Human Resource Management homework help

In response to your peers, provide thoughtful feedback on responses to the questions about the Sloan family. Draw connections to similar thoughts and plans you may have identified and discuss differences in your responses and perspectives.

1.  Domestic violence, neglect, and child abuse can be caused by a variety of factors, including socioeconomic considerations, cultural norms, and personal traits. The risk of domestic violence, for instance, may be increased by a history of domestic violence, lack of education, or lack of culture that supports violence as a means of resolving problems. Neglect and child abuse can be caused by poverty as well (Schilling, 2014).

The father’s background indicates a history of physical and emotional abuse, which may have increased his risk of becoming an abusive parent. The father’s own experience of abuse may have contributed to his lack of empathy and understanding of his child’s experience. The father’s lack of understanding of his child’s experience, as well as his ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment for his child, and the father’s mental health issues of being depressed and anxiety, may have increased his being an abusive parent (Schilling, 2014).

A variety of factors can cause physical abuse, such as a lack of social support and a history of substance abuse.

The family’s strengths or protective factors are the mother’s concern for her child’s well-being and willingness to seek help. Her willingness to seek help may have prevented the abuse from occurring for an extended period. The fact that the family has a stable home environment and access to medical care may have also helped to prevent further harm to the child.

I would feel very concerned for the welfare of the child. I would likely try to help the child by reporting the abuse to the appropriate authorities and providing emotional support to the family of the child. Physical abuse is a complex issue that can have severe and long-term effects on the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of a child.

What are the dynamics in this family that put them at risk for abuse?


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