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Cultural impact on children | Human Resource Management homework help

1. Times have drastically changed when it comes to parenting our children, their socializing, as well as their education. Children used to be disciplined, not only by their parents but teachers as well. This disciplined help many with structure, but also fear in children to not something again. Parents were more strict and some over protecting. Parents actuall raised their children, and taught the basics of survival. Now, physically disciplining children is considered child abuse. Parents have soften, some are lazy, and is letting society and social media and technology raise their kids. Parents are letting convienience raise their children. Gender roles in the home have substantially changed as well. There are more broken homes, single parents and stay at home dad in todays society. I feel that children today are delayed in their socail skills which can affect them as adults when it comes to partnership, or even job interviews. Children today rely on technology to commute for them or even as a companion form. As for their education, children had to earn their grades to move forward. Children had to put in work to research, practice spelling, and even penmenship. I was employed with the school system for 7 years and see that grades are given to  these children from K-8, but expect these children to be ready for high school to graduate. They removed spelling because technology has spell check, they took away cursive and writting because of technology. Children are more out of control and disrespectful to staff in today’s society. The option of being school virtually can also be a hinderance to childen and their social developement. This all affects child welfare policies and practices that face challenges and opportunities. A lot off problems consist of online activity and should be monitored, such as the amount of screen time should be limited, online predators, and cyber bullying to start off with. They would also to need to implement all around support for the family. A child raised with structure and strictness helps promote children’s psychological development.

2. Hello everyone, the recent societal changes affecting family dynamics affect how children get treated and what gets done about it. The “maltreatment of children is deeply entwined with historical values and their perspectives, and has been defined and redefined throughout our history and society has slowly evolved over many years from viewing children as property subject to the whims of the family and society to at least recognizing that children may have rights of their own and each period in history, as well as each culture has a concept of how children should get treated” (Crosson-Tower, C. (2021). Society has changed a lot in recent years through culture and different aspects of child welfare, and different cultures have their views on discipline and raising children. Children may be parented differently because of their culture, and how the parents get raised can impact how they treat their children. These changes may impact the current child welfare perspectives and practices by helping children more when they are in danger “voluntary child welfare services spring up in isolation during the 17th and 18th centuries convents, churches, and philanthropists lead the efforts in early child protection, but the advocates for children did not always arise from expected quarters of religious and humanitarian groups from firsthand knowledge Charles Dickens spoke up for child protection” as he protested for change against children and abuse, he had an impact and published a pamphlet (Crosson-Tower, C. (2021). Practices have changed for the better today. More children are getting rescued because of child welfare services and what they have to offer, like policies. Moreover, children are being raised differently because of the new laws and the dynamics of contemporary society.

What is the most significant cultural impact on children and how they grow up in society?


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