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In this mentor-focused check-in, you will look at the project scenario for MBA 645 and have an asynchronous discussion with your instructor regarding the role of marketing in creating and sustaining a brand. You will also address any initial concerns about the project scenario and the Milestone One submission due in Module Three. Review the course infographic and course structure and check when the two milestones and the project are due.

You are highly encouraged to continue reaching out to your instructor, so any concerns and questions are addressed before Milestone One is due. Discuss your progress and these concerns with your instructor through this video submission.Review the memo from the CMO, the guidelines and rubric document for Milestone One, and the support documents. Then record a short video in the Bongo Q&A tool that addresses the following criteria:

  1. Review the memo from the CMO of the organization in the course scenario. Explain the role of the four Ps of marketing in creating and sustaining a brand. Your response should address the following:
    • How does product (theme park services) from the four Ps of marketing reassure existing customers and invite new ones? Explain.
    • How can price (entrance ticket, services, and food and beverage costs) from the four Ps of marketing be used to generate new customers and motivate existing ones? Explain.
    • How can place (location and ambiance of the parks) from the four Ps of marketing restore and enhance the confidence of customers in the brand? Explain.
    • How can promotion (events, outreach programs) from the four Ps of marketing create additional traffic and more engagement? Explain.
  2. Review the guidelines and rubric document for Milestone One, including the support documents. With regard to the expectations and understanding of the scenario, identify any initial questions or concerns you have regarding:
    • The project scenario
    • The deliverables expected in Milestone One

If you have any additional questions or require additional support from your instructor, let your instructor know either in this video or through an alternative format

What to Submit

Submit 1- to 2-page Word document or a 1- to 2-slide PowerPoint presentation.


From: Chief Marketing Officer
To: Marketing Director, U.S. Park Southeast
Re: Park Reopenings
Good day.
As you know, we recently closed our theme parks globally due to a serious safety incident
resulting in serious injury to several of our guests and two employees. This has resulted in the
closing of the parks and all associated services. We are confident that the safety issues have
been addressed and are preparing to reopen the parks, beginning with the U.S. Park Southeast.
We have made every effort to ensure extensive safety measures are in place at this time.
I am asking you, given your extensive background in marketing and strategic development, to
take the lead in planning a marketing strategy for the U.S. Park Southeast’s reopening, including
plans for a phased reopening of all parks. You will need to consider critical objectives such as
maximum safety, crisis communication, customer satisfaction, and optimal profit potential. You
will be coordinating the marketing strategy with corporate strategy to ensure our brand is both
protected and optimized.
A brand analysis and the identification of critical marketing and communications factors must
be included in your planning to successfully reopen the parks. Please consider the alignment
with our other functional departments in your efforts. It will take all of us to successfully
relaunch the parks and to protect and optimize our brand.
I would like a presentation made to all marketing directors of our global brand within 10 weeks
from today.


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