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Leadership in dental hygiene PPT

Choose an area of interest for leadership potential as a dental hygienist. Consider areas (but not limited to) such as:
Practice Management
Public Health
Interprofessional health care
Gather information about your area of interest, and identify one person in a leadership role within your area of interest. Include the full name of this person and a brief description of the leadership role he/she plays.Considering all the resources and knowledge you have gained about leadership, brainstorm and envision the ideal leadership traits, qualities, or practices that a person should have or develop to be an effective leader in the particular area of interest you chose.
Be creative with this…this person could be nationally known, or just someone local. You do not need to know him/her personally, but try to gather enough information about him/her that you could get a sense of their leadership impact on your area of interest.
This person must be a dental hygienist and not deceased.
I am giving a WIDE latitude on the area of focus/interest, and the person you wish to identify that displays leadership in that area of focus! So be creative with this, and think a little outside the box. Your first step is to identify your area of focus such as education, research, business, etc. Then start thinking about people that are in roles related to your focus. If no one that you know, or have known in the past comes to mind, a good starting point would be to flip through your ACCESS magazine, or go on the ADHA or ADEA website…read through the names of volunteer leaders in either of these organizations.
Using the above information, create a PPT with the following content: Be sure to view the rubric that will be utilized to grade this final project
Title slide
Describe the area of interest that has potential for a dental hygiene leadership role, along with a person you identified that is in this role (3 slides).
Compile a list of what you decided would be the 10 Ideal Leadership Traits or Practices in this particular leadership role. For each trait or practice, create one slide–this should Include a brief description of each of these 10 leadership practices/behaviors or traits that you have deemed to be most important for this particular role. Tie these traits to the role (10 slides).
Summarize how these 10 ideal practices could enhance leadership in a dental hygiene role in this particular area of interest (3 slides)
You will have a minimum of 16 content slides
Be sure to cite information (APA style) on the slides for all content that is not general knowledge as well as images
Include an APA Reference slide
Your PPT will be a minimum total of 18 slides
Please utilize your creative powers in this PPT…use graphics, images, etc to convey your content! You must use at least 6 relevant images. You must cite images using APA style within the slide, and on the reference slide.
Do not write the content of the slides in first person


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