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Training and Learning Development | Human Resource Management homework help

HR Discussion

In the Learning Activity titled “Training Process Ideas and Outline Process,” click the links to read the articles. Based on your readings, why do you feel we should focus on developing the whole person? Next, choose one of the steps from the eLeapSoftware Training Outline article and explain why it is important to include that step when planning an employee training program. Please use specific examples from the reading. For example, learning styles and personality are important to consider when planning an employee training program because . .
Training Process Ideas and Outline Process

If you are still interested in learning more about training and development, explore the resources below before moving on. They present quite a bit of helpful information regarding professional development.

Business Balls: Training and Learning Development
eLeapSoftware: Training Outline

-Post adds value by raising novel points or providing new perspectives.
-Post is concise and clearly written in an academic tone; Sentences are complete; spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.

Requirements: less than 4000 characters


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