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Your Personal Online Brand | Psychology homework help

Milestone Activity: Etiquette that Could Lead to Success

Before responding to this post, refer to the “Your Personal Online Brand” Learning Activity. Watch the video and identify which one of the four measures of your online presence requires work. When you Google yourself, what do you find? What do you think about your online brand and do you plan to improve upon it? Why or why not? Please provide specific examples to support your response.
Your Personal Online Brand

Is your online presence helping or hurting you? Watch this video to learn about the four measures of your online reputation.

© william arruda

Click here to access the full transcript of the above video.

-Post includes obvious and direct connections to competency content; May include direct/indirect quotes and references the content from the competency.

Post is original and demonstrates an independent thought process that is creative and individualized. Post adds value by raising novel points or providing new perspectives.
Post is concise and clearly written in an academic tone; Sentences are complete; spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.
that’s all.

Requirements: more than 15 characters, less than 4000 characters


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