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Ad’s rhetorical situation | Communications homework help

English Question

This process assignment will comprise the first few body paragraphs of your Unit 2 essay, the analysis (the evaluation paragraphs will come later). Your analysis will consist of two parts: 1) determining your ad’s rhetorical situation and 2) explaining how the ad uses rhetorical appeals to persuade its audience. In both cases, you should also determine why the creators of the ad made the decisions they made in constructing the ad.

For the first part, you are looking at the ad’s rhetorical situation, which consists of three main parts: the audience, the purpose, the context, and the genre. The intended audience of the ad is who the advertisement is intended for. The ad’s purpose is what the makers of the ad want the audience to do as a result of viewing the ad, and that purpose is usually to sell a product, a service, or an idea. The ad’s context will address a need of the audience and attempt to fulfill that need with the product being advertised. Is that need personal, academic, professional, civic, or something else entirely? You will also need to state the ad’s genre, be it a commercial, a still ad in a magazine, or whatever the case may be. Based on the rhetorical situation, why do you think the authors of the ad chose this genre to communicate their product or service?

In the second part, you will analyze various specific parts of the ad to determine how it uses the three appeals to try to persuade its audience: logos (logic of the message being communicated), ethos (credibility or reputation of the advertiser), and pathos (emotions of the audience). Depending on the nature of the product, the advertiser’s approach may vary, and certain appeals might be emphasized more heavily than others. Determine which appeals are the most important and the least important in the ad’s argument, bearing in mind that one or more appeals might not be used at all. Give specific examples from the ad that illustrate its use of the appeals you choose to focus on; explain how the example is indeed an appeal to logos, ethos, or pathos as you stated; and determine (again, based on the rhetorical situation) why you think the ad’s creators chose this approach to their advertisement. In other words, determine why the authors thought this approach would be an effective way to convince their audience to purchase their product, service, idea or piece of media

I have attached the ad im using

Requirements: 3 body paragraphs 250


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