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Safety Net Providers/Services | Health & Medical homework help

Discussion-Safety Net Providers/Services

After reading the materials for this module, do some more research (i.e., Internet, journals, community services databases) about Safety Net services and providers. Discuss in a post of 150 – 200 words the following:

What are safety net services/providers; who is served by safety net providers; what safety net services (you should include oral health services as well) exist in your own community; what are the gaps in safety net services in your community; how are the services typically funded; what factors influence the capacity of safety net services (i.e., public policy, funding, etc.). Do you think that the safety net services are adequate in your community (why/why not)?

Required Reading:

Lavisso-Mourey, R. (2014). Building a culture of health. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Retrieved from, http://www.rwjf.org/content/dam/files/rwjf-web-files/Annual_Message/2014_RWJF_AnnualMessage_final.pdf

Shortell, S. (2012, November 1). Safety net challenges in delivering accountable care. [Web log post] HealthAffairsBlog. Retrieved from, http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2012/11/01/safety-ne…


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