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Discrimination and racism | Sociology homework help

Writing Question

This week’s Essay will be discussing the implications of discrimination and racism as ethical issues in research.

Step 1 – watch the following 2 links:

Henrietta Lacks, the Tuskegee Experiment, and Ethical Data Collection: Crash Course Statistics #12

The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks – Robin Bulleri (Links to an external site.)

Step 2- Define racism & discrimination. These definitions should be paraphrased, not cut and pasted. These definitions should be from journal articles, the social work dictionary, or a social work/social justice website. In addition to your definitions, please list their APA citations in your assignment – example (Lukic, 2020). List their references in the References section at the end of your paper along with the reference from Step 3.

Step 3: Find an article for ONE of the following 2 topics (from either PsycINFO or Social Work Abstracts in the FIU Library): https://library.fiu.edu/az.php (Links to an external site.)) 1) Tuskegee Experiments 2)Henrietta Lacks. Include racism or discrimination as keywords in your search for each topic. List the APA references for your identified articles in your assignment.

Your search string may look like the following:

(Tuskegee Experiments) AND (racism OR discrimination)

(Henrietta Lacks) AND (racism or discrimination)

Step 4: After watching the 2 videos, determining the definitions of racism and discrimination, and conducting further research regarding the Tuskegee Experiments and Henrietta Lacks, please write an essay that addresses the following prompts. The essay should be about 2 pages long. It should not be longer than 3 full pages.

Summarize the events of the Tuskegee experiments.
Summarize the events of the Henrietta Lacks story.
What were the overarching/similar/shared ethical concerns.
How did racism and discrimination impact these cases?
Why does this matter to social work research and practice?

This essay, and every essay moving forward, should be in APA format. It will be


written in one Word document. Each Step will have it’s own heading (ex. Step 1). As a best practice, your sources or Step 4 should be within the past 10-15 years (maximum). For Step 1 you can just provide a citation of the videos watched.


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