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ROBOTIC SURGERY | Health & Medical homework help

The subject of this briefing paper will be ROBOTIC SURGERY.

The written portion of paper will be no longer than 6 to 7 pages and must
incorporate at least 4 to 6 (or more) reference. The format must conform to standard APA
reference format. The topic for the paper must be related to some aspect of Health Information Technology and its impact on the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services.

Tittle: Determinants of health
Choose Topic: Health and Medical
Number of Pages: 3

Question Description: 1. Describe three determinants of health used in your practicum setting (Home health care). What steps in research did you use to locate the resources for the determinants of health used in your practicum setting? Identify how data are collected, analyzed, and stored for determinants of health.

2. Identify how the determinants of health are used in an initiative in the practicum setting(Home Health care). What database did you retrieve data from to benchmark the determinants of health for your initiative? How is progress benchmarked and analyzed?
Health & Medical Question



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