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HR Ethics | Organizational Behavior homework help

Dealing with “Slackers” Reflection

Read HR Ethics: Working with Slackers Hurts Motivation in the textbook (p. 169).

The book name: Textbook: Human Resource Management by Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, & Meglich, 15th ed.

Slacking is a common problem in businesses. HR must train employees to deal successfully with slackers by confronting them. Given these issues, think about some of the “slackers” with whom you have interacted over the last several years when working on job-related and college-based projects. Consider what the specific problems were, what your initial reactions were, and what you did to resolve these problems.

Using the questions in the HR ethics box as a guide (i.e., 1. how did you identify the incidences of slacking, 2. how did you report the slacking, assuming you did report it, and 3. how would you prevent slacking in the future?), write a reflection on your experiences with slackers at work and/or at school, providing in-depth details about your experiences, decision making, and actions. The report should be approximately 2 single-spaced pages (12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins; page count does not include title page and bibliography). The file submitted should be in Microsoft Word format.


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