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Nursing | Health & Medical homework help

Community Action Council of Howard County – Food Bank
Nursing Question

What population do you believe they serve?

What do you believe is the most pressing need for this population?

the community partner:
Community Action Council of Howard County – Food Bank
the population they serve
the challenges they are working to engage with.

With this information create a Health Promotion Project that you believe meets the needs of the community partner based on the criteria below:

Project Requirements:

This project can be in the form of a flier or brochure that educates the community you served on an important public health issue.
Any flier, brochure or handout must contain factual, accurate information.
Fliers, brochures and handouts must be free of spelling errors, be creative, colorful and in a PDF format, so that it can easily be printed or shared electronically.
Include the logo or the partner name in the project (logo on printable materials, mention the partner in recorded materials)
The name of the file MUST be saved in the following format:
(ex: CAC.HandWashingVideo.Smith)


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