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Cooperation, competition and conflict | Human Resource Management homework help

400 Words (use only resources included)

Theories are an attempt to explain how things work. They apply in some situations, but often are limited to certain situations or have other limitations. In this module you learned about Deutsch’s theory of cooperation and competition.

What might one or more of the limitations of this theory be?
What might be one or more situations when it may not apply?

Tips for writing: as you prepare your response, please

Use the above prompts as the titles/headings for each section of your essay. This structure will help you in organizing your analysis and writing.
Incorporate how the course materials support your observations and thinking.
300 words
Use online sources below, not external


Deutsch, M. Cooperation, competition and conflict. In Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch and Eric C. Marcus (Eds.) The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass p. 3-28 (Attached0

Follett, M. P. (1925). Constructive conflict. In E. M. Fox & L. Urwick (Eds.), Dynamic administration: The collected papers of Mary Parker Follett (pp. 1-20). London: Pitman, 1973. (Attached)

Johnson, D. & Johnson, R. (2012). Intellectual Legacy: Cooperation and Competition. In Coleman, P. T. (Ed., 2012). Conflict, Justice, and Interdependence: The Legacy of Morton Deutsch. Springer Books.


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