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World religions | Religion homework help

Religion or not?

Currently, there are about 21 major world religions with billions and billions of people following each one of them. Within such diversity, it is not unexpected for people who have committed to one religion to have certain issues with the beliefs and practices of another religion. Recently, we have seen ample evidence of this in the world. Personal disputes, large scale violence, and even wars have developed within the context of groups of people trying to protect and promote one religion over another.

Given that our past history and current events show us that religion has often been associated with and related to violent and unfriendly relations among the world’s peoples, would the world be more peaceful without religions? What is the purpose of religion in the development of individuals? Is it a necessity that we cannot live without? Does it help us grow and move forward in ways that nothing else can? Think about this issue and do some research…what role does religion play within the context of human development?

Each source used for this post should be cited APA style at the end of that post.

Requirements: 3 pages


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