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Reading: “Virginia Woolf’s” novel | English homework help

English Question

After reading Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway (pages. 3-63), follow the directions below:

In a two-page, double-spaced, typed journal response, discuss how the use of chronological time (past and present) tells the story through the main character’s present experiences and her past memories. Mrs. Dalloway explains the importance of her relationships to her husband, daughter, and past friendship with Peter Walsh as she prepares for the party where many of her friends and family members will bring the past into the present. Her style of writing, using stream of consciousness, illustrates her method of storytelling and how she lays out moments in time and also interrupts the present with moments of her past.

Use direct quotations to show what you think and support your description with details from the narrative. Be sure to cite direct quotes and facts using in-text citations or parenthetical references. The length of the journal should be no less than 500 words or two pages, double-spaced.

Here is an example of the MLA 4-line heading:

Student’s Name



12 December 2021

Journal Title (Use a catchy title)


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