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Historical organization | Sociology homework help

Global Terrorism final

Write a comprehensive research project on a specific terrorist group Organization (Hezbollah) and its Historical background

This organization can be historical or one that poses a direct threat today. The

organization that you select should be examined through the lenses of the unit of instructions

listed below. If you select a historical organization you must relate that group to the threat posed

by terrorism that the world faces today.

Paper Requirements: Your paper should be between 15 and 20 pages and written in proper APA style with

appropriate citations and references noted.


1. Introduction
2. Defining terrorism

3. Evolution of Terrorism
4. The role of ideas: ideologies, nationalism, politics and religion.

5. Typologies: the individual terrorist; the terrorist group
6. Tactics and targets

7. Organizational Structure
8. The role of the media and social media
9. Intelligence and Terrorism

10. Counter-terrorism
11. Case Study: Battle of Algiers

12. Case Study: Liquid Bombing Plot

13. Case Study: 2015 Paris attacks


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