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Toyota Motor Corporation Research | Business homework help

Toyota Motor Corporation Research

I hope you remember, I worked with you on the Toyota Motor Corporation Research. Now I want to finish it with you again.

First there are a couple adjustment need to be made:

1-The problem statement should not take that long it should be only 5-6 sentences.

2-The research is A Problem-Solution Analysis and should follow it criteria

3-There should be more profound title to the research.

Please make these adjustments before we continue.

Now we go to the Data Analysis Sections. Take your time on doing this because it the bulk of the research. The data analysis must include multiple of “Source Synthesis” (which I’ll give you an example of it) and multiple of visuals.

Then we go to the conclusion and the abstract. What I want to you to do is work on the data analysis first then when ever its done send it to me then work on the conclusion and the abstract. Also you will have 2 weeks to complete this research. However, I would like to have 3 pages draft SOONEST possible.

I’ll give an example of a completed Problem-Solution Analysis research to refer to if needed. if you have any questions or any request of extra information’s just message me.


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